A gordita comes in many shapes and sizes, with pillow-ish flatbread and zesty pepperjack sauce included with the Baja Gordita.

Viva Gorditas!Edit

The talking chihuahua for the Taco Bell Comemrcials, Gidget, nicknamed "Gidgey", had a line in one of the commercials for Taco Bell. When Taco Bell came up with the talknig chihuahua, it complement the new foods created by Taco Bell. This commercial has a whole crowd at the bottom, while the chihuahua is on a balcony wears a black beret with a taco bell logo, saying into the microphone his line: "Viva Gorditas!"

Baja GorditaEdit

The Baja Gordita also had it's own commercial with the talking chihuahua. The Baja Gordita had pillow-ish flatbread and zesty pepperjack sauce, also known as "Baja Sauce." Taco Bell made a commercial with the talking chihuahua called "Baja Gordita Hotline" with a woman on the phone saying "Welcome ot the Baja Gordita Hotline, if you want to talk about more pillowy flatbrread, press 1, if you're into zesty pepperjack sauce, press 2." Then te Chihuahua makes a funny noise.